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Quality policy

Ensuring impartiality and non-discrimination is a prerequisite and an obligation to ensure the credibility of the certification process and its results.

"BELLIS" as a certification body for products and quality management systems is independent from the organizations, products or quality management system, which certifies, thereby preventing any possibility of exerting administrative, commercial, financial and (or) other pressure on it to affect the results of certification. This ensures objectivity in the implementation of activities for certification of products and quality management systems.

The management of the conformity assessment body of "BELLIS" declares that it fully understands the importance of impartiality in the certification of products, quality management systems, is aware of all existing threats and takes the necessary actions to eliminate them in a timely manner.

"BELLIS" determines, analyzes and documents possible conflicts of interests arising during certification, including conflicts arising from its relationships, including with customers of certification procedures. BELLIS does not carry out certification if the relationship becomes an unacceptable threat to ensure impartiality.

«BELLIS» does not declare or allow the use in advertising and other materials that certification will be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive with the involvement of a certain consulting organization.

"BELLIS" does not involve for audits as subcontractors organizations providing consulting services for certification of products and quality management systems.

"BELLIS" does not involve to participation in works on certification of the persons rendering consulting services of the organization to the customer on certification of production, quality management systems within two years after completion of consultations of this customer.

"BELLIS" requires all personnel to immediately report possible conflicts of interest and emerging threats to impartiality and guarantees that all necessary response actions will be taken to eliminate them.

The management of Testing and Certification of Household and Industrial Products BELLIS OJSC is committed to implementing the Quality Policy, providing the resources necessary for the efficient functioning of the quality system and constantly improving the quality management system and the quality of services provided.