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Energy Efficiency Requirements in Belarus

Belarus from 01.09.2017 implemented its National requirements on Energy Efficiency and Energy Labelling for a range of electrical appliances.

The requirements have been enforced with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 849 dd 21.10.2016 (Modified with Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Belarus Resolutions No.: 77 dated 27.01.2017 and No.: 156 dd 26.02.2018).

Enforcement dates of Belarus Energy Efficiency and (where applicable) Energy Labelling requirements:

01.09.2017: External power supplies; Single-speed asynchronous (induction) three-phase electric motors with power from 0,75 kW to 30 kW

01.07.2018: Cooling household devices: refrigerators, freezers and theirs combinations; Electrical ovens, hobs; Air conditioners with power rate up to 12 kW; Dishwashers; Washing machines; Drying machines; Non-directional household lamps, fluorescent lamps without integrated ballast, high intensity discharge lamps; Household and office equipment (stand by and off mode): cooktops; toasters, fryers, electrically operated knives, foodmills, coffee machines; printers; scanners; monitors; amplified speakers of AC power supply; multimedia projectors; broadcasting receivers; video tape recorders; video recorder cameras; sound-recording devices; audio amplifiers; home theater systems; electric musical instruments; other equipment for sound and image record and playback, including equipment for image and sound transmission in ways other than telecommunication channels via signals and other means, except for TV sets

01.01.2019: TV sets and TV monitors; Microwave ovens

On the EAEU Level there are no unified Energy Efficiency requirements which means that National approvals need to be received.

Note: On the EAEU level there are also no unified Radio/Telecom requirements and they are regulated on a National Level. Visit our designated page for detailed information on Belarus Radio/Telecom requirements

To supply regulated products to Belarus, in addition to EAC Certificate – a Belarus Energy Efficiency and (where applicable) Radio/Telecom Certificate is required (issued by a Belarus accredited CB). This is checked at the Customs when the product is imported to Belarus and on the market (including during market surveillance activities).

Belarus Energy Efficiency requirements are harmonized with EU requirements. Most National EE standards have been developed by BELLIS.

BELLIS is a Belarus accredited Certification Body and Test Lab for Energy Efficiency and Radio/Telecom. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail: or

tel./fax: +375 17 243 16 41 for more detailed information and a quotation.

List of Products subject to Energy Efficiency/Energy Labeling (Res. No.: 849)

Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Belarus No.: 77 dated 27.01.2017 - text in Russian

Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Belarus No.: 849 dated 21 October 2016 - text in Russian