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Declaration of Conformity to national requirements

Registering a Declaration of Conformity national requirements. Phases

  1. Submitting the application, Declaration of Conformity and attached documents.
  2. Registering the application.
  3. Concluding the agreement.
  4. Reviewing the application and Declaration of Conformity, taking a decision to register the Declaration of Conformity.
  5. Registering the Declaration of Conformity.
  6. Making a record in the Customs Union Common Register or the National Conformity Assurance System Register.

NOTE: All documents submitted to the certification body shall bear the applicant's signature and company seal.

List of documents to be submitted when applying for registering a Declaration of Conformity to national requirements

  1. Application for registering the Declaration of Conformity:
    • application form;
    • application specimen (mass production);
    • application specimen (batch, single product);
  2. Issued Declaration of Conformity:
    • DoC specimen (mass production);
    • DoC specimen (batch, single product);
  3. Documents proving the applicant's powers to issue a Declaration of Conformity:
    • State Registration Certificate evidencing registration in the Republic of Belarus as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur;
    • agreement authorizing to represent interests of a foreign legal entity and specifying the representative's right to apply for registering a Declaration of Conformity and responsibility for ensuring that mass-produced items comply with the requirements of applicable Technical Normative Legal Acts (for mass-produced items, where applicable);
    • permit issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to open a representative office of a foreign organization (where applicable);
    • special permit (licence) (where applicable);
    • shipment documents: the invoice, contract, bill of lading and others (for a product batch or single product);
  4. Test report.
  5. Documents proving the existence of product control during the production process or a certificate for the product quality management system/factory inspection report.