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About company


Testing Laboratory and Certification Body for electrotechnical products accredited at National (Belarus) and Regional (Eurasian Economic Union, EAEU) levels and operating in the International Product Conformity Assessment System (IECEE CB Scheme).

Secretariat of Belarus National Committee in International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

IECEE Status: Belarus Member Body, National Certification Body (NCB), Testing Laboratory (CBTL), Factory Surveillance Body (FSB).

Competent engineering body with multi-year practical experience participating in forming policies/rules and fulfilling strategic tasks in the sphere of technical regulation at National, Regional and International levels.


  • Founded in 1991. Legal status – Open Joint Stock Company
  • Leading engineering center in Belarus and EAEU for testing and certification of electrotechnical, electronic products, audio-video and IT equipment, cables, radio/telecom products, gas equipment, RoHS, Energy Efficiency for compliance with National, Regional and International Regulations and Standards.
  • 28 years of irreproachable work on testing and certification on National level
  • 21 year of irreproachable work on testing and certification on International level
  • Major partner of Belarus exporting companies in providing worldwide market access (using our International accreditation and MoU Agreements with world leading Testing and Certification Institutes – VDE, NEMKO, TUV and others)
  • Scientific Organization of the Republic of Belarus, accredited by State Committee for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus and National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
  • Auditing organization in the framework of Cross-border Cooperation Program “Poland-Belarus-Ukraine” for the years 2014 – 20120 to review expenditures of Belarus beneficiaries in the framework of this Program
  • Expert in the Commission of the Republican Council of the National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Belarus on International Affairs and National Security
  • Expert organization on conducting technical expertise under assignments from Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies and performing testing of electrotechnical products under assignments from Belarus Market Surveillance Authorities in the framework of market surveillance activities


  • Product testing and certification in the framework of National (Belarus Energy Efficiency Regulation 849/2016 and Radio/Telecom Regulation TR 2018/024/BY) and Regional (EAEU) conformity approval systems.
  • Product testing and certification in the framework of EU (CE-Mark) and International (IECEE) systems.
  • Representing Belarus in International Electrotechnical Commission as a Secretariat of Belarus National Committee in IEC, coordination of work of national experts in the work of IEC Technical Committees.
  • Technical-engineering, regulative and information support to manufacturers exporting products worldwide. Providing engineering infrastructure to clients to identify reasons for non-conformities and search for technical solutions.
    • Active developer of Technical Regulations for electrotechnical products (Belarus and EAEU), National/Regional/International standards and conformity approval rules/procedures.
  • Expert work in 4 Subcommittees of the Consultative Committee of the Eurasian Economic Commission on Technical Regulation (accreditation and conformity assessment; market surveillance, metrology, standardization).
    • Initiating and fulfilling international technical assistance projects in Belarus and CIS countries financed by European Commission, Global Ecological Fund (GEF) and other international donors.
    • Conducting by Internationally IECEE accredited BELLIS Technical Assessors of inspections (peer assessments) of International Testing and Certification Institutes (UL, TUV, KTC, etc.) in the framework of IECEE Scheme.
  • Quality Management Systems Certification at Belarus and International (IQNet Nemko) levels; services certification.
  • Support in fulfilling investment projects in Belarus and CIS countries with respect to ensuring conformity approval in accordance with the applicable technical regulation requirements in a consortium with world leading testing and certification Institutes.