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EU Energy Efficiency Requirements

European Union
Technical regulation of energy efficiency

(Ecodesign) and energy labeling of products (energy labeling)

Product Groups Ecodesign Energy labeling
1. Electric motors Regulations
640/2009 Regulations 4/2014 Amending Regulations

2. TVs and monitors Regulations
3. Standby and off mode electric power consumption of electrical andelectronic household and office equipment Regulations

4. Household combined washer-driers
Directive 96/60
5. Washing machines Regulations
Regulations 1061/2010
6. Fridges and freezers Regulations 643/2009 Regulations 1060/2010
7. Dishwashers Regulations 1016/2010 Regulations 1059/2010
8. Directional lamps, light emitting diode lamps and related equipment Regulations 1194/2012 Regulations 874/2012
9. Air conditioners and comfort fans Regulations 206/2012 Regulations 626/2011
10. Non-directional household lamps Regulations 244/2009 Regulations 874/2012 Amending Regulations 244/2009 Regulations 874/2012
11. Electrical lamps and luminaires
Regulations 874/2012
12. Domestic ovens, hobs and range hoods Regulations 66/2014 Regulations 65/2014
13. Simple set-top boxes Regulations 107/2009
14. ballasts and luminaires able to operate such lamps Regulations 245/2009 Regulations 347/2010 Amending Regulations 245/2009
15. External power supplies Regulations 278/2009
16. Glandless standalone circulators and glandless circulators integrated in products Regulations 641/2009
17. Fans Regulations 327/2011
18. Water pumps Regulations 547/2012
19. Household tumble driers Regulations 932/2012 Regulations 392/2012
20. Computers and servers Regulations 617/2013
21. Vacuum cleaners Regulations 666/2013 Regulations 665/2013
22. Space heaters and combination heaters Regulations 813/2013 Regulations 811/2013
23. Water heaters Regulations 814/2013
24. Power transformers Regulations 548/2014
25. Professional refrigerated storage cabinets, blast cabinets, condensing units and process chillers Regulations 1095/2015/ЕС Regulations 1094/2015/ЕС
26. Ventilation units Regulations 1253/2014/ЕС Regulations 1254/2014/ЕС
27. Solid fuel boilers Regulations 1187/2015/ЕС Regulations 1189/2015/ЕС
28. Local heaters Electric, gas and liquid fuels Regulations 1188/2015/ЕС Regulations 1188/2015/ЕС
Solid fuel Regulations 1185/2015/ЕС
29. Setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products, with regard to ecodesign requirements for air heating products, cooling products, high temperature process chillers and fan coil units Regulations 2016/2281/ЕС

European Union

Promising areas of technical regulation
energy efficiency (Ecodesign) and energy labeling of products (energy labeling)

Product Groups Ecodesign Energy labeling
1. Uninterruptible power supplies Research stage
2. Smart technology Research stage
3. Faucets and shower heads Research stage
4. Window Research stage Public comment
5. Pumps for pools of fountains, aquariums Study

6. Sewage pumps Study

7. Steam boilers Study

8. Power cables Study

9. Compressors Public comment
10. Industrial furnaces Public comment
11. Industrial Servers Public comment
12. Commercial refrigerators and freezers • Refrigerated cabinets for supermarkets
• Beverage coolers
• Small freezers
• Ice cream cabinets
• Refrigerating machines

Public comment Public comment
13. Machine tools and welding equipment

Public comment
14. Professional washers and dryers Public comment
15. Electric motors with power below 750 W and above 375 kW, special purpose inverter motors (asynchronous servomotors) and permanent magnet motors Public comment
16. Medical imaging equipment Public comment