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Lighting equipment

BELLIS certification body performs conformity assessment of lighting equipment for following regulations:
•    EAEU Technical Regulations ТР ТС 004/2011; ТР ТС 020/2011; ТР ЕАЭС 037/2016; ТР 2018/024/BY.
•    European standards (СЕ).
•    International standards (IECEE СВ-scheme).

testing lighting equipment 

BELLIS Accredited Test Laboratory in acc. with its scope performs full cycle of testing of light equipment for following standards:
•    National standards (СТБ);
•    Regional standards (ГОСТ);
•    European standards (EN);
•    International standards (IEC).
BELLIS laboratory testing following types of light equipment:
•    Luminaries (IEC 60598 series);
•    LED lamps;
•    LED modules;
•    Fluorescent lamps (incl. CFL);
•    Incandescent lamps;
•    Ballasts, controlgears (IEC 61347 series).
Also BELLIS laboratory performs testing and investigation of lighting equipment in following areas:
- safety;
- photobiological safety (IEC 62471);
- performance and life characteristics of non-directional light sources:
•    TLF,
•    CCT,
•    CRI,
•    Chromaticity,
•    Optical flicker.
- EMC:
•    emission,
•    immunity,
•    EMF (IEC 62493).
- restriction of hazardous substances in lighting equipment:
•    RoHS Regulation (RoHS III),
•    ТР ЕАЭС 037/2016.

testing lighting equipment 

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