Standardization activities by BELLIS
BELLIS is the IEC National Committee of the Republic of Belarus. Our employees participate in 48 IEC technical committees and subcommittees responsible for electrical safety, energy efficiency and electromagnetic compatibility. On an average, they review approx. 500 draft International Standards a year The list of IEC TC/SC participated by the Republic of Belarus is here.
Participation in drafting 6 Customs Union Technical Regulations
Participation in drafting 6 Technical Regulations of the Republic of Belarus
15 regional standards (GOST) drafted
Over 150 national standards (STB) drafted
Drafted standards cover the following domains:
--- EMC  
--- Product safety ----Medical equipment
----Cable products
----Gas-operated equipment
----Telecommunication and information transfer
--- Energy efficiency ---- Ecodesign
---- Energy labelling
---- Energy management STB ISO 50001-2013

Participation in national technical committees for standardization

--- TC BY 30 Conformity Assessment
--- TC BY XX Energy Efficiency

BELLIS maintains its own inventory of Technical Normative Legal Acts which includes over 2,000 international (IEC, ISO), European (EN, DIN-VDE), regional (GOST), Russian (GOST R) and national (STB) standards.

In addition to drafting standards, our experts take part in reviewing and drafting Customs Union Technical Regulations and international, regional and national standards.

The adoption of 48 new national standards in the field of energy audit, ecodesign and energy labelling have been planned in the Republic of Belarus as part of the EU-funded project, Standardisation Strengthening in the Field of Energy Efficiency of Consumer Goods and Industrial Products. BELLIS experts are responsible for the development for these important documents.

You may also make an order to BELLIS to develop a standard harmonized with an international or European standard.