Belarus Certification

Implementation of mandatory Energy Efficiency/Energy Labeling in Belarus in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers №.: 849 dd 21.10.2016 (in edition of Resolution of the Council of Ministers №.77 dd 27.01.2017) together with the List.

Belarus requirements are harmonized with EU requirements. Detailed info you can see here, as well as information on energy labelling/technical information required.

Form of Approval:


Implementation date

Clause of Resolution

№ 849

Name of Object for Mandatory Conformity Assurance

from 01.09.2017



External power sources

from 01.07.2018


Cooling household devices:

refrigerators, freezers and theirs combinations


Electrical ovens, hobs


Air conditioners with power rate up to 12 kW




Washing machines


Drying machines


Non-directional household lamps, fluorescent lamps

without integrated ballast, high intensity discharge lamps


TV sets, TV monitors


Household and office equipment:

- cooktops;

- microwave cookers;

- toasters, fryers, electrically operated knives, foodmills, coffee machines;

- printers;

- scanners;

- monitors;

- amplified speakers of AC power supply;

- multimedia projectors;

- broadcasting receivers;

- video tape recorders;

- video recorder cameras;

- sound-recording devices;

- audio amplifiers;

- home theater systems;

- electric musical instruments;

- other equipment for sound and image record and playback, including equipment for image and sound transmission in ways other than telecommunication channels via signals and other means, except for TV sets

Note: In case of Certification - a foreign manufacturer can be the Applicant, no local/authorized representative needed.



Implementation date

Clause of Resolution

№ 849

Name of Object for Mandatory Conformity Assurance

from 01.09.2017


Single-speed asynchronous (induction) three-phase electric


Note: For Declaration - a local Belarus authorized representative is a must.


The procedure of Certification / Declaration of products in the National system of conformity is established in TKP 5.1.02-2012* "National confirmation of conformity system the Republic of Belarus. Certification of products. Basic concepts"RULES of confirmation of conformity of the National System of Conformity of the Republic of Belarus.

* Note: in Russian language only.

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers No.: 849 dd 21.10.2016 (in edition of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No.77 dd 27.01.2017) do not apply to products manufactured in Belarus or imported to Belarus before the implementation date.

BELLIS Testing and Certification is accredited to issue Belarus Energy Efficiency Certificate. We encourage our customers to apply for Belarus Energy Efficiency Certificate prior in advance before the deadline which is (for certain categories of products) 1st September 2017.

Download Application for certification

Download Sample application for certification

Applicants' rights and responsibilities

The applicant shall:

  1. a) always fulfil the certification requirements, including implementing appropriate changes when they are communicated by the certification body;
  2. b) ensure that the certified product continues to fulfil the product requirements on an ongoing basis;
  3. c) make all necessary arrangements for:

c.1) the conduct of the evaluation according to the TNLA requirements and surveillance (if required), including provision for examining documentation and records, and access to the relevant equipment, location(s), area(s), personnel, and certificate holder's subcontractors; and payment of all surveillance-related expenses;

c.2) investigation of complaints;

c.3) the participation of observers, if applicable;

  1. d) refrain from making claims regarding certification where they are not consistent with the scope of certification;
  2. e) neither use its product certification in such a manner as to bring the certification body into disrepute nor make any statement regarding its product certification that the certification body may consider misleading or unauthorized;
  3. f) upon suspension, withdrawal, or termination of certification, the certificate holder discontinues its use of all advertising matter that contains any reference thereto and takes action as required by the certification scheme (e.g. the return of certification documents) and takes any other required measure;
  4. g) reproduce the certification documents in their entirety or as specified in the certification scheme, if the certificate holder provides copies of these documents to others;
  5. h) comply with the requirements of the certification body or as specified by the certification scheme, when making reference to its product certification in communication media such as documents, brochures or advertising;
  6. i) comply with any requirements that may be prescribed in the certification scheme relating to the use of marks of conformity, and on information related to the product;
  7. j) keep records of all complaints made known to it relating to compliance with certification requirements and make these records available to the certification body when requested; and

j.1) take appropriate action with respect to such complaints and any deficiencies found in products that affect compliance with the requirements for certification; and

j.2) document the actions taken;

  1. k) informs the certification body, without delay, of changes that may affect its ability to conform with the certification requirements (e.g. changes in the legal, commercial, organizational status or ownership; changes in organization and management, e.g. key managerial, decision-making or technical staff; modifications to the product or the production method; changes in the contact address and production sites; major changes to the quality management system);
  2. l) display the mark of conformity on the product as specified in TKP 5.1.08; and affix the mark of conformity on each product, label/tag, container, package, and technical documentation attached to the product;
  3. m) provide copies or originals of the conformity certificates to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs trading in the products listed in the conformity certificates;
  4. n) keep a record of copies of conformity certificates, including the names of the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to which these copies of conformity certificates have been made available.

The applicant will be held liable in accordance with the laws of Republic of Belarus for supplying/selling products which are certified and bear the mark of conformity but do not comply with the requirements of the TNLA specified in the conformity certificate. If the holder of the conformity certificate original breaches the rules of providing copies of the conformity certificate, or the rules of providing the original to other legal entities or individual entrepreneurs wishing to apply for the making of conformity certificate copies, the product certification body will suspend or terminate the validity of the conformity certificate.