Certification of services

BELLIS Testing and Certification of Home Appliances and Industrial Products certifies the following services:

Service description
Repair and maintenance of household radio-electronic devices, household electric machines and appliances
Repair of telephones (including cellular (mobile) telephones)
Repair of electrical water heaters
Repair and maintenance of electric energy consumption meters
Repair of computing equipment

Price for service certification (based on the number of repair shops, repair complexity and other factors) .

Service certification procedure

*Submitting the Application for Service Certification together with required background information (for assistance, download file1 file2)
**Taking a decision on the Application and, if positive, sending a draft Certification Performance Contract to the applicant
** Reviewing the background information
**Inspecting the service provision process and the service provision result (repaired products)
*Eliminating nonconformities and submitting respective evidence
**Checking whether the nonconformities have been eliminated
**Drafting the Conformity Certificate and reviewing the certification results by the Certification Board
**Signing of the Conformity Certificate by the head of the certification body
**Carrying out annual surveillance of the certified services

* - to be done by the applicant
** - to be done by the certification body