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Cancellation of Certification Bodies and testing laboratories in Russia

The struggle of Rusakkreditation with the gray certification market has caused complaints from Russian business. Tightening the admission of certification bodies to the confirmation of conformity of products to the EAEU Technical Regulations may paralyze the work of companies, - the Association for Technical Regulation of the Russian Federation fears.

According to EAEU Treaty, EAC certificates of conformity and EAC declarations of conformity issuing in Certification Body in any EAEU country (Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) are valid in all these countries. It’s fact, that lots of certification bodies and testing laboratories carry out their work in bad faith, they issue certificates without products testing and evaluations.

As a result, by the decision of the Russian Interagency Council of November 2020, the requirements for certification bodies and testing laboratories were tightened where they are included in the national part of the Unified Register of Conformity Assessment Bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union. First of all, these measures are aimed at excluding unscrupulous certification bodies from the Unified Register that issue certificates without testing and evaluating products or that belong to large manufacturers, importers and other interested parties, laboratories that lack testing equipment and competent personnel.

Based on the results of five meetings of the Russian Interagency Council, a decision was made regarding 1 052 accredited organizations, in particular, 31% - negative decisions. All in all, there are 1.9 thousand accredited organizations in the national part of the Unified Register of the Russian Federation.

These actions let to restrict market access for "unfair" certification bodies and testing laboratories. On the other hand, these actions may contribute to delay of products import.

For more than 5 years, a significant number of problems have been identified in the EAEU Technical Regulation System, which we have already wrote about. The situation that is now happening in the Russian Federation, in terms of excluding certification bodies and testing laboratories from the Register, in our opinion, is not aimed at solving the current problems of the System, since it is carried out mainly by administrative measures, but at achieving certain goals of stakeholders.

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