Changes to Belarus Resolution 849: Energy Efficiency Requirements enforcement date postponed to 01.09.2017/01.07.2018 . Radio/Telecom requirements enforcement date for most categories of products stays 01.02.2017

Dear BELLIS Partner, 


Please be informed that implementation of Energy Efficiency requirements in Belarus (which are introduced in accordance with the Resolution of the Belarus Council of Ministers 849 dd. 21.10.2016) will be postponed from 01.02.2017 to 01.09.2017/01.07.2018; Radio/Telecom Requirements mandatory implementation date stays (for most products) 01.02.2017. 


Download official BELLIS Letter No.14 dd. 09.01.2017 on updated enforcement dates of Energy Efficiency and Radio/Telecom requirements in Belarus together with the List of products 


A) Radio/Telecom requirements: for most categories of product the mandatory implementation date has stayed as it is: 01.02.2017. For other categories of products, the mandatory implementation date will be 01.05.2017. 

B) The Decision has been made to postpone introduction of Energy Efficiency (EE) requirements in Belarus (clause 3 and 4 in the List) from 01.02.2017 to a later period (01.09.2017/01.07.2018).

Important change is that standards for Energy Labeling (EL) will be added as mandatory requirements into the List. Initially it was planned that there would be a transitional period of 6 months from Belarus EE Certificate issue date to fulfill Energy Labeling requirements my manufacturers, however taking into account postponement of EE requirements, it is envisaged that EE and EL requirements will come into force simultaneously.

C) (unchanged) Safety requirements to Electric cables designed for more than 1000 V of AC current and 1500 V of direct current  (clause 5 in the List) in Belarus are mandatory from  February 1st 2017 

It is allowed to receive Belarus approval for the above products/requirements before the mandatory implementation dates of the requirements (which you can see above). It means that manufacturers already now can apply for Belarus Energy Efficiency, Radio/Telecom, HV cables approvals which is strongly recommended in order to timely meet the deadlines. 


BELLIS is accredited to provide necessary approvals for the above mentioned product categories/requirements. For additional information feel free to contact us via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +375 17 288 16 41