Mandatory standards in EAC Certificates/Declarations from 22.12.2016 and Manufacturer as Applicant for EAC Certification - EAEU Decision 154 dd 15.11.2016

Dear Partner,

Please be informed that the EAEU Eurasian Economic Commission took a Decision 154 dd. 15.11.2016 “On introducing changes to the Decision of the Board of Eurasian Economic Commission No.: 293 dated 25.12.2012 “On Unified Forms of Certificates of Conformity and Declarations of Conformity in Accordance with Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulations (EAEU TRs, previously CU TRs) and Rules of their Issuance”. 

I The main outcome of this Decision is that from the Decision implementation date (22.12.2016) it is mandatory to indicate in EAC Certificates and Declarations not just applicable EAEU Technical Regulations, but also applicable standards.

II  The Decision 154 confirms that it is allowed not only for Manufacture but also for Local Representatives registered in (any) EAEU Member Country be the Applicant for EAC Certification (optionally).   

Detailed information you will find in the letter enclosed.

We have faced the situation that some consultants are sending out their “news” with respect to EAC approval that are contradicting the real situation and are offering their services based on their misleading information. Please be very cautious with such consultants. And remember that cheaper cheese from a sweet dealer can be only found in a mouse trap. This is only partially a joke, the situation is very serious, update on this issue will be provided shortly.