Mandatory requirements for Energy Efficiency, Radio-Telecom and certain types of cables are introduced in Belarus in 2017

Download official BELLIS Letter on the Resolution No.: 849 together with the List of products


This is regulated by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Belarus No.: 849 dated 21 October 2016 (  - text in Russian). Detailed information on regulated products/applicable requirements can be seen in the Annex to the Resolution – List of objects for mandatory conformity assurance in the national conformity assurance system of the Republic of Belarus.


Starting from the dates indicated below with respect to Radio/Telecom and Energy Efficiency, CU EAC Conformity approval covering just applicable CU Technical Regulations (Safety and/or EMC) is not sufficient in order to supply/sell below mentioned products to Belarus; Conformity approval (Belarus Certificate/Declaration) in accordance with Belarus Energy Efficiency/Telecom requirements which is issued by an Accredited Belarus Certification Body is a must. 


A) Radio/Telecom requirements (clause 10 in the List) in Belarus are mandatory from  February 1st 2017.

Form of approval – Certification or Declaration depending on the product – see the List. The customer can choose to order Certification (preferred by most Belarus vendors) instead of Declaration. In case of Certification – a foreign manufacturer can be the Applicant, no local/authorized representative needed.


B) Energy Efficiency (clause 3 and 4 in the List).

Form of approval – Certification (except for motors, which is DoC).  Energy Efficiency requirements are mandatory in Belarus depending on the category of products from the following dates:


From February 1st 2017:

3.1. Cooling household devices:

refrigerators, freezers and theirs combinations

3.2. Electrical ovens

3.8. General-purpose incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps

3.9. TV sets, TV monitors

3.10. Household and office equipment:


microwave cookers;

toasters, fryers, electrically operated knives, foodmills, coffee machines and other appliances for cooking and processing food,




amplified speakers of AC power supply;

multimedia projectors;

broadcasting receivers;

video tape recorders;

video recorder cameras;

sound-recording devices;

audio amplifiers;

home theater systems;

electric musical instruments;

other equipment for sound and image record and playback, including equipment for image and sound transmission in ways other than telecommunication channels via signals and other means, except for TV sets

4. Single-speed asynchronous (induction) three-phase electric motors.


From April 1st 2017:

3.3. Air conditioners with power rate up to 12 kW

3.7. External power sources


From September 1st 2017:

3.4. Dishwashers

3.5. Washing machines

3.6. Drying machines


C) Safety requirements to Electric cables designed for more than 1000 V of AC current and 1500 V of direct current in Belarus are mandatory from  February 1st 2017


BELLIS is a Belarus Certification Body accredited to issue Belarus Certificates/Declarations for the above mentioned categories/requirements. For additional information feel free to contact us via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +375 17 288 16 41