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Certification of management systems

Our activities in the field of management systems

- management system development
- national conformity assessment of management systems
- international conformity assessment of management systems

Management system certification is increasingly viewed by modern businesses as an indispensable development phase which ensures that their products and services are competitive at domestic and international markets.

Product/service quality, environmental protection, workplace safety and improved energy consumption are those values which prudent managers take extreme care of.
By certifying their management systems, BELLIS helps its clients understand whether they reach objectives in specific management areas.

A certified management system in not only a modern enterprise governance tool. it is also a demonstration of the company's commitment to the TQM (Total Quality Management) principles which allow meeting the needs of consumers, society and the state and continuously realizing the improvement potential.

- Think systems
- Reach targets
- Boost performance
- Raise image
- Win markets

Assessment of management systems for their compliance with STB ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) – Quality management systems. Requirements

Assessment of management systems for their compliance with STB ISO 13485-2017 – Medical devices. Quality management systems. Requirements for regulatory purposes

Assessment of management systems for their compliance with STB ISO 50001-2013 – Energy management systems. Requirements with guidance for use

Price for certifying a management system (based on the number of personnel and branches):

from BYN 2 000.

- We assess the effectiveness of the management system operated by your organization;
- We conduct training seminars on the establishment and development of efficient management systems;
- Provide consultancy and practical assistance to overcome non-tariff barriers in foreign trade

Management system certification procedure:

  • *Submitting the Application for Management System Certification.
  • **Taking a decision on the Application and, if positive, sending a draft Certification Performance Contract, Checklist (STB ISO 9001-2009) and an updated List of Mandatory Inputs to the applicant.
  • *Submitting the completed Checklist, mandatory inputs and the set of management system documents.
  • **Drafting a Management System Auditing Programme (for the full three-year management system certification cycle).
  • **Carrying out an initial certification audit of the management system including visiting the applicant organization.
  • *Removing shortcomings following the initial certification audit of the management system.
  • **Checking whether the shortcomings have been removed.
  • **Carrying out a second-stage certification audit of the management system.
  • *Eliminating nonconformities and submitting respective evidence.
  • **Checking whether the nonconformities have been eliminated and, where appropriate, re-auditing.
  • **Reviewing the audit results and taking a decision on the certification of the management system.
  • **Issuing, signing and registering the Conformity Certificate and concluding the Management System Certification Agreement.
  • **Carrying out annual surveillance of the certified management system.


  • * – to be done by the applicant
  • ** – to be done by the certification body

How to get started on the establishment or conformity assessment of your system?

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International management systems conformity assessment

  • Technical and informative support when interpreting the requirments of european directives and international/european standarts.
  • Communication support when building up international certification schemes (conformity assessment).
  • Support in defining the international certification scheme and searching of potential partners abroad.
  • Recieving of national and international conformity certificates at one time in the result of a single audit.

Our strategic partners in the sphere of international conformity assessment:

VDE Institute (Germany) Nemko Institute (Norway) IMQ Institute (Italy) TUV Institute (Germany)