Who we are

BELLIS is a Body for certification of home appliances and industrial products, services, management systems and an Accredited Testing Laboratory.

Who are we ?

• an active team of experts
• a partner of the company that helps to develop successfully
• a system with good working mechanism and substantial resources

Our activities:

• Testing and certification within the framework of Belarusian National system of conformity assessment
• Testing and certification within the framework of European and International systems of conformity assessment
• Management system conformity assessment
• Consulting services and producer’s training in terms of product compliance with European and International standards
• Consulting services and company's training in terms of development and implementation of management systems
• Drafting of national standards – analogues of European and International publications
• Engineering-and-technical and information support of exporting producers

Sources of revenue:

Financial support BELLIS carried out by the funds from the activities of the certification body and accredited testing laboratory BELLIS.

Works on certification and testing of products are carried out in accordance with the contracts on a prepaid or deferred payment.

The cost of work is determined in accordance with the valid price list of the certification body and accredited testing laboratory BELLIS.

Our status:

• 25 years in the national market of tests and certification
• 17 years in the international certification market
• A leading center of testing and certification of electrical and electronic products, audio and video systems, television equipment and information technologies on compliance with national, European and international standards.
• A major partner of leading Belarusian exporting enterprises in terms of products entry to the world market.